North Street Medical Care

Romford Site: 274 North Street, Romford, Essex, RM1 4QJ. Tel: 01708 629733
Chadwell Heath Site: Chadwell Heath Health Centre, Ashton Gardens, RM6 6RT

GP Appointments

Did you know you can book your appointment online?

Using online services makes it more convenient for people at our practice, as there’s no need to make a phone call or visit us. Computer, smartphone or tablet users can make or cancel an appointment at a time that suits them, even when the practice is closed.

If you are not already registered for GP online services please let a member of the practice team know you would like to use this service or follow the link to start the registration process.

How to see the Doctor

Please note the appointment’s number is 01708 629733. Please hold on. All calls are answered in the order they are received. If you hang up you will go back to the end of the queue.

If you wish to book your appointment online, please click here for further information on how to register.

Appointments can be booked between 08:00 – 18:30 and online at any time.

Appointment System

Our new telephone and appointment system will mean when you call the surgery, reception will book you into GP telephone appointment, face-to-face appointment, nurses appointment or a message taken for any administrative tasks.

For a doctor’s appointment:

1.  You phone or attend the surgery to book a telephone or face-to-face appointment as needed.

2.  The clinician calls you back for a telephone appointment – in the same morning or afternoon session

3.  You are always seen if needed – and will be offered an appointment to a time to suit you

4. For face-to-face appointments:

  • You can book routine appointments a few weeks in advance when you feel its not urgent or you need to fit work schedules and days off.
  • You can book daily appointments with clincians directly by telephone or in person
  • Finally we aim to provide a daily reserve of urgent access appointments for acute issues like infections, new pain or unwell children.

Patients can be spoken to and seen much faster than with the traditional model, with the choice of telephone or regular appointments.  You can ask to see a particular doctor if that is important to you, for example if you have seen one recently.  There will be no need to attend in person or call early in the morning to make an appointment.

Patients who would have waited for weeks, suffered in silence or gone to A&E, will instead be speaking to their doctor and receiving first class service from someone who knows them.

Deaf patients are still able to book appointments at the reception desk at both sites as they did in the past. They are then able to book an appointment, not need to be triaged by the doctor and be seen face-to-face. This allows our deaf patients to book interpreters if needed and make arrangement in good time. Some patients also choose to nominate a friend or family member to book the special appointment via the telephone system on their behalf.

Always let the receptionist know if you consider your problem to be an urgent one that cannot wait or if you feel you may need a home visit. You can also advice reception if you wish to be called at a particular time, for example during lunch breaks at work.

If you wish to cancel an appointment please contact the surgery on 01708 629733 and use the online system which is available 24 hours. Please try to give as much notice as possible so that the appointment can be offered to someone else.