North Street Medical Care

Romford Site: 274 North Street, Romford, Essex, RM1 4QJ. Tel: 01708 629733
Chadwell Heath Site: Chadwell Heath Health Centre, Ashton Gardens, RM6 6RT

Private Administrative Fees


Effective from 1st August 2017


Private Certification (no examination required, pre-existing form)

Medical certificate for work/employer within 1st week

Court / Jury service exemption

Private health cover claim

Pension / mortgage  / insurance cover claim

Holiday cancellation / insurance form

Fitness to travel







Completion of form / questionnaire style forms

Taxi Card application

Fitness / health club

Additional information for insurance

iGPR electronic insurance / PMA forms

Requests from Social Services, Education, Council (Housing)






Patient request ‘supporting’ letters

Fitness to travel / perform / fly

HGV / driving / function confirmation

Holiday / trip cancellation


Cancellation of Gym Membership

Patient request ‘supporting letters’ as above for children or any ‘non-mature’ students attending university or college







Secretary typed / dictated medical reports / letter requests by:


Court of Protection / Power of Attorney

Employers including Armed Forces and Police

Mortgage / insurance

Occupational Health


(depending on time spent by GP at £250 an hour)

Photocopying of Medical records / notes

Postage cost (proof postage)

Postage cost (Recorded delivery)




Any medical report that requires an examination, this includes but not exclusively

Job application / employment

Requests from employers, other agencies

Insurance eligibility / health checks

Private agency adoption medical checks on carers

Exemption from court

Holiday cancellation

Driving fitness or eligibility (HGV, Taxi etc)

Patient fitness assessments (e.g. for travel / flying / emigration)


Any medical report + examination as above for children or ‘non-mature’ students attending university or college



Private Consultation Fees (per 15 minute appointment)

Partner consultation (£250 / hr)

Non-Partner consultation (£220 / hr)

Nurse (£160 / hr)




Cellmark Paternity referrals

First patient per appointment

Each patient after the first, in the same appointment



Travel Fees

See Travel list


Coroner’s report

No charge

Safeguarding information sharing request from other agency

No charge

Safeguarding Case Conference reporting

Ð Own in-house template

Ð SS template

Ð CC attendance

No charge



Adoption medical report / functional assessment

Form C, Child aged up to 5

Form D, Child aged 5-11

Form YP, Child aged 12+

Form AME, Annual medical for LAC/Foster child


Form IHA initial assessment, looked after child


Forms M/B obstetric neonatal reports


Form AH health assessment, prospective carer


Form AH2 update report, parent/ carer


Adoption normally paid by parent, fostering by NHS but can send to agency

Effective from 1st September 2019

Coronavirus: Due to COVID-19 we are minimising the risk of infected patients visiting our practice, to help keep our patients safe and maintain routine services. With immediate effect, all appointments must be assessed by our staff over the phone prior to any visits to the surgery. We will no longer be booking appointments online or over the counter until further notice. - Visit for further guidance